Help Our First Responders

Our First Responders and Medical Heroes Deserve a Break!

Let’s Give Them and Their Family a Free Nature Adventure in an Iconic Vintage VW Camper Van!

Once this pandemic passes, our first responders, nurses, doctors, staff and other medical and first responder staff will need relaxation and to decompress.

These folks endanger their lives daily for you. Let’s help them unwind far from death’s miseries, crises, and hospital clamor. Let the breaching whales serenade them through the night in Gaspe Canada or Maine’s Moosehead Lakes loons lull them asleep. Or awaken to the sun’s first rays atop Arcadia’s Cadillac Mt. and tidal rushes at the Bore in Nova Scotia. Or just wander away their worries day-tripping through sweet New England. All these are giant, tranquil steps away from the chaos. No cell phones blasting, no screeching loudspeakers, just nature. Calming nature.

Many caught the virus; some died. For countless more, PTSD looms. They and their families are suffering and sacrificing more than most. They’ve earned some calm and serenity on rocky coasts and quiet woods.

So with your help, Vintage Van Adventures is sending these Covid-19 heroes and their families off on an escape in “The Iconic VW Van” anywhere in New England or the Maritimes. They and their family get a free week through 2022, or/and as funds allow. We supply everything; all gear and accessories. It is a unique, leisurely way for making pleasant new memories and dim the not so pleasant old ones.”

This is our small contribution. With your contribution, you help make this happen, too. Even only a nickel makes a positive difference for these American heroes. Don’t they deserve it?