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To make a reservation please follow these steps:

1. Review the Van Availability Chart (scroll) below and select your van.

2. View the Van details and choose the week you would like to reserve for your adventure.

3. ClickAdd to Cart once you have found the van you want. The add to cart button will be right above the drop down box which will show you which availability that certain van has. Once you click the add to cart button (with your week selected) it will place the deposit amount with information for that item within your cart.

4. Click on the cart page link (on the top of the website, or on the sidebar.

5. Complete first initial checkout, which is for $500.00 (Application Reservation Fee). This becomes a security deposit once we approve the application.

6. Complete your Forms:

  • Agreement Form:
    – Will be sent upon reservation acceptance

7. A representative will contact you to complete the application process. When we approve the reservation we request 50% of weekly rental fee which is $850.00.

8. Agreement Terms and Conditions contract will be sent to you.

  • Two weeks prior to your departure date, the remaining fee balances are due.
  • We will send you an email notice requesting:
    –> Payment of the additional $500 is added to reservation deposit of $500 increasing the total security deposit to $1,000 (refundable)
    –> Rental balance of $825 is due at van pickup on Saturday from 10 am – 2 pm EST. On that date, we will host a 60-90 minute van walk about for instructions, operations and test you ability to drive a standard.

Important Disclaimers:

1. If you cancel rental prior to 30 days, but less than 60 days, $300 is returned; we keep $200. If more than 60 days, we refund entire $500 registration fee.

2. If renter cancels 30 days or less, they will forfeit the entire $500 registration fee.

Vintage Van Adventures $1675 weekly price includes all costs

  • Our price is all inclusive.
    • Van, provisions, base insurance fees, and high mileage allowance and propane.

Competitors state low prices, BUT:

  • They just do not tell you all the costs so their price looks lower.
  • Vans are not as well provisioned; and some charge extra for provisions; if you need extra stuff, they up-charge you for each item.
  • Set low mileage allowance; have high per mile fees above daily mileage allowances.
  • Insurance may be extra and not included in price.
  • When all costs are added up the price is generally equal to or more than our price depending upon provisions and mileage.

Van Availability

Westfalia Van Name

In Season
Price (25-May/15-Sept)

Out of Season

Description Availability
Lilee (off white) $1675 $1450 Pop up, sleeps 4, manual Beginning May 2017
Goldie (gold) $1675 $1450 Pop up, sleeps 4, automatic Beginning May 2017
Kokadjo (cream) $1675 $1450 Pop up, sleeps 4, manual Beginning July 2017
“Bono” (white) $1790 $1575 Pop up, sleeps 4, automatic Beginning May 2017
Sandy (gold) $1675 $1450 Pop up, sleeps 4, manual Reserved
Baxter (maroon) $1675 $1450 1976, sleeps 4, manual Beginning July 2017
Deboullie (maroon)) $1675 $1450 Weekender, sleeps 2, automatic Reserved
Monarch (lime) $1675 $1450 Pop up, sleeps 4, manual Beginning 2018
Black Fly (grey) $2275 $1450 Pop up, sleeps 4, manual, 4WD Syncro
Project – 2018

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