You did not come to New England and Maine to rent a boring van!







You are coming to create an outdoor adventure in some of the more remote and coastal areas of the area. You came to experience all the woods and land has to offer for the outdoor adventurer. You came to get away from all the intrusive hectic buzz and create fantastic memories with your family, friends and buddies. You want to climb, hike, bike, raft, fish, kayak, tour lighthouses, camp on the oceans and let nature’s beauty recharge you. You want to do all this in an easy cool way with THE van – the iconic Volkswagen camper van.

Let’s get this straight – you don’t need a GPS because now you’re in Maine, you’re in New England, you know where are you …. you are now where you should be! Throw the gadgets out, you don’t need them because it’s an adventure, a traveling tour where the many path(s) one can take is the fun.

These benefits include:

  • Volkswagen vans are rare, they’re cool, they’re over 30 years old, vintage, classic, nostalgic and have personalities. They help you slow down too; they easily cruise at 60-65 mph. “I am not a slow van, I am a fast house!” They get you there in nostalgic style.
  • Known as Volkswagen vans, Vanagons, Westfalias. Love vans, Hippie vans and Westys, they are the Swiss Army Knife of vans; compact with everything you need contained in a single car-like van to experience your outdoor touring adventure, but exquisitely designed by Germans.
  • Unlike a Chevy, Toyota or RV, people come up to you and love to see and talk about Westy’s. Westy’s are THE Van made famous in the 60’s-80’s. Jerry Garcia and Tom Hanks owned one.
  • Volkswagen vans are known as one of the ultimate vans in German design, comfort, simplistic character and adventure with high fuel efficiency and ease of driving a car.
  • Westy’s perform like automobiles; easy to drive & park; easy to fit in most tent sites; get excellent mileage and have a much greener carbon footprint.
  • Freedom to go — room, board and travel all in a single comfortable nostalgic Volkswagen Westfalia van.
  • Go where larger motorhomes dare not in an inexpensive manner staying in the 100s of remote camp sites and parks of New England.
    Your home for the night is where you decide to park it; not in & out of hotel rooms and baggage.
  • Homey comforts of home – sleeps 4, with two 6×4 ft beds, a kitchenette, 2 burner stove, sink with 10 gallon supply, refrigerator, cabinet storage, closet space, overhead storage, two dining tables and pop-up top with 2nd bed.
  • Very large windows allow easy sightseeing by all passengers and easy access side sliding door and back hatch.
  • Vintage Van Adventures outfits all basic linens, pillows, kitchenware, silverware, pots/pans, extra chairs, cooler (classic fridges slow to cool) electricity hookup, water hose hookup, propane, fire extinguisher, full tank of gas and much more. (see complete list of van provisions). It is ready for you to “arrive & drive” – just add your personal toiletries, groceries and wine/cheese!