Honeymooners, BFF’s and Families Having Fun in Vintage Westphalia Vans

Vacation in a VINTAGE VW VAN? Sure. It connects you with yesteryear’s (as in simpler) lifestyle.

Searching for just such simplicity and an electronic unplug, families, millennials, and baby boomers are opting for the open road in iconic vintage Westphalia VW camper vans. Their adaptability and back-to-nature purity offering an alternative to hotel hassles or jammed restaurants.

Sometimes called hippie vans and peace vans, these 40+ year old updated Westphalia vans have homelike comforts in a compact space. A pleasant alternative to white knuckle wrestling a monster size RV around. There’s a reason you need a special “Land Yacht” license for these. You need one just to turn corners. And ponder parking one, assuming you even find space.

But Vanagon adventurer’s only limits are their imagination and sense of adventure. Your destination choices are nearly endless. It’s easy to find a remote site oceanside or streamside. Any lake will do, too, or perhaps a mountain view. Dream it and go find it. Wherever. Stop, pop the top, and you’re home. Explore the “neighbood” or get cozy in a hammock and escape into a good book. Build a campfire. Your choice. Let your spirit guide you. No tour guides, nor boundaries, nor restrictions (unless you want them).

The draw is escaping life for a bit, a “peaceout’, and lifelong memories. No schedules, nowhere to be, no stress. Your trusty Westy awaits your next urge. Campervaners say they most appreciate this unboundedness. “Every day presents a clean slate waiting for your next whim. Its true freedom”. For many it’s their best vacation until next year. Millennials love this instantaneous gratification. Plus, the vans are energy misers, appealing to millennial idealism and purpose. Another bonus: Vanagon experiences are perfect Instagram and Snapchat opportunities.

There’s a sense of community, too. Often, bystanders raise a peace sign, high-five you, or give a head nod. Some say returning to a simpler life with carefree days in a van attracts them and brings them back. For many, the vans themselves are symbols of unhurried and untroubled times and often say their journey altered them for the better.

Is a VW vintage camper van the perfect vacation? Many think so, calling it “glamping”. It’s an affordable choice with a wide range. Whether seeking a unconfining vacation with a sense of community, a connection with nature, a desire for solitude, a romantic getaway, BFF getaway, a family adventure, honeymoon, or a group convoy, you’ll find it in a Westphalia. It is a vacation from the mundane. That’s tough to beat.

Who’s grasping onto the Westy trend? Anyone looking for an adventure  getaway or just something different. They’re appealing to folks worldwide, from diverse lifestyles. Europeans especially love them for self touring the USA. “Glamping” is also a first-rate Wedding Stress Eliminator and a low-cost unique honeymoon adventure. All you need is a valid driver’s license.

Most Westphalias come fully provisioned. Equipped with beds and linens, cookware, dishes, and utensils, and a small kitchen and bathroom. All in a compact package. Oh, you forgot to book that space last year? It’s gone now. (Many places book up a year or years in advance.) But that’s no biggie with a Westy. Pick a nice spot, top pop it, and call it a night. Perfect in Federal Forests or the deep woods of Maine.

Bob Muller of Vintage Van Adventures shares, “It is about a truly different experience that’s convenient, different, fun, and completely flexible. All with the nostalgia and adventure inherent in a VW vintage camper van. We have customers worldwide who return year after year. Every van has a name and people have favorites. Brigitte is particularly popular”

Vintage Van Adventures has liberal travel areas with 1,500 free miles for exploring New England and the Canadian Maritimes. They also are connected to reliable Vanagon rental firms nationally like Peace Van Rentals, WA, Black Forest, WA and Dragon Fly Vans, MT. and happily refer customers.

Bob Muller explains, “Our vans are renovated, modernized and fully stocked.” They are fuel-efficient and economical with room, board, and transportation all in one. Everything needed for cooking, sleeping and enjoying the adventure is included. They are also 100% restored with added safety features not found in the original old vans.”

Vintage Van Adventures is in Harpswell, Maine with convenient pickup in Brunswick or Freeport.

According to USA Today and the Financial Times, Europeans undergo “stress elimination” transformation from a camper van vacation. Americans are also finding this feeling with avid customers renting annually in various locations for “See America” road trips.

So, if you’re looking for something unusual in 2018, consider a Westphalia and take a wayback trip to the 70’s.

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