Wedding, Campervans and Honeymoons – Love’s Got Something To Do With It

Looking to create a unique unforgettable wedding? A honeymoon full of adventure? 
Read on… 

Retro is back in vogue, and couples are uniting vintage VW campervans into their pre-wedding, wedding day and honeymoons.

Bridget Lenahan and her husband from Portland, Maine, the owners of a vintage VW van named JOSIE. They love their vintage VW van so much they couldn’t imagine not having her in their wedding—she’s a part of their family.

Bridget and her partner wanted a small, intimate celebration multi-day event with their wedding party and family. They also knew JOSIE was going to be part of their special day. As the idea took root, Bridget decided to rent campervans for the bridal party. They rented six vans, most from Vintage Van Adventures in Brunswick, Maine, and parked them in a U shape with JOSIE around a portable fit pit where good friends and family joined the wedding couple in for a memorial, magical time.

The campervans were a huge hit and were especially  handy for group dinner outings or when someone needed a place to relax or nap. Their wedding party remarked about the relaxed vibe, the uniquely intimate the setting, and how it’s an experience—and wedding—they will never forget.

Why campervans? They offer all the comforts of home in a compact space.  A pleasant alternative to white knuckling a monster size RV around. There’s a reason you need a special “Land Yacht” license for these. You need one just to turn corners. And ponder parking one, assuming you even find space.

But a Vanagon honeymooner’s only limits are their imagination and sense of adventure. Their destination choices are nearly endless.  No campground availability needed.  It’s easy to find a remote site oceanside or streamside. Any lake will do, too, or perhaps a mountain view. Dream it and go find it. Wherever. Stop, pop the top, and you’re home. Explore the “neighbood” or get cozy in a hammock and escape into a good book. Build a campfire. Your choice. Let your spirit guide you. No tour guides, nor boundaries, nor restrictions (unless you want them.)

 Most vans are fully provisioned, equipped with beds, linens, cookware, dishes, utensils, a small kitchen and bathroom. You’re not even dependent upon availability at a camp ground. With a camper van you can pick your spot in an instant, pop the top, and you’re good to go!

Jess Craven of Portsmouth, New Hampshire wanted something unforgettable for her fiancé before the crazy moments of their wedding. Jess shares:  “I surprised my fiancé by renting a VW campervan from Vintage Van Adventures the week before our wedding. It was perfect for relaxing before the big day and It’s a super fun way to spend time with the people you love. Not only was the van a hit with our wedding party and guests, but we made friends with other vintage VW van lovers everywhere we went. Bob Muller at Vintage Vans was just a pleasure to work with, making entire process a snap.  You can tell he’s extremely passionate about his VW Vans. It shows in every detail. We highly recommend it!”

Campervans offer an affordable vacation for anyone.  Good for a couple seeking unconfined solitude with a connection to nature, a BFF adventure or romantic getaway—or even just the enjoying an iconic Volkswagen van. 

Bob Muller explains, “Vintage Van Adventures vans are renovated, modernized and fully stocked with convenient pickup in Brunswick or Freeport Maine. The vans are fuel-efficient, easy to drive, and come with room and board. You have everything you need for cooking, sleeping and enjoying your adventure. All are 100% restored with added safety features not found in the originals.”

“Vintage Van Adventures being Maine based is ideal for exploring New England and Canadian Maritimes. But we also have connections with reliable van rental companies across the United States and happily refer customers wanting a honeymoon outside New England. But wherever your journey, make your reservations early if you want a spot in a camping park.”

Whether keen on doing something a little bit different from the conventional wedding or honeymoon, desire an experience tailored to roads less travelled, or creating profound memories you and your guests will cherish forever, or an intimate, low-stress setting, you’ll look hard to find a better solution. than vintage VW campervans.

Pop your van and vistas in your Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat photos and video opportunities and add timelines, stories and feeds for your friend and memories. Check out the #campervan, #campervanlife and #campervanwedding hashtags on Instagram! It’s all the inspiration you’ll need.

No schedules, nowhere to be, no stress. Your trusty Westy awaits your next urge. Honeymooners say they most appreciate this unboundedness. “Every day is a clean slate. Its true freedom. And for the wedding guests it creates the most memorable and fun wedding they’ve ever attended.”

Whether your event is in 2018 or 2019 — a VW Vintage campervan is the perfect for a wedding or honeymoon exactly the way you want.

Vintage Van Adventures, Mecc Inc.
Robert Muller
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Brunswick, Maine 04011; info [at]vintagevanadventures[dot]com, 207-956–0699