Vintage Van Adventures

Under new ownership, turning wrenches, polishing’em up and getting them ready for you! Contact us today for rentals starting next spring.

Legendary German-engineered VW Vanagons (made from 1980 to 1992) are the world’s most beloved classic campers — comfortable, roomy, beautifully designed, and easy to drive. It’s no wonder they’re known as the Swiss Army Knife of campers. Ours are renovated, modernized, and fully stocked with all the gear you’ll need for cooking, sleeping, and enjoying your outdoor adventure. They’re also fuel-efficient and economical — room, board, and transportation all in one. We’ve thought of everything!


  • Friendly personal service
  • Free pick-up and drop-off in Brunswick or Freeport
  • All the gear and systems you’ll need, fully explained
  • Plenty of room for four in comfort
  • Full kitchenette
  • Lots of compact storage
  • Large curtained sightseeing windows
  • Pop-up top for added headroom
  • Home-style 120V electrical outlets
  • Dogs welcome
  • Free car pick-up, storage and return
  • All at one convenient flat price Contact us today for minimum one-week rentals from May through October.


Vintage Van Adventures is a professional vintage VW van rental company. Unlike others renting 1 or 2 vans “on the side” we do it as a business (going on 4 years now) with 6 vans and 2 more “in restoration”.

Most of our vans are equipped with upgrade factory Golf/Jetta engines providing additional power, reliability and fuel economy.