• What is included in the price?

$1,675 is one all-inclusive price, including insurance and all taxes.  It gets you 1,500 miles of adventuring, plus all the gear you need for a week on the road – see the full list here.  This price does not reflect certain extras such as bike racks, boat racks, kayaks, canoes, or dog co-pilots (you provide the dog!).  

  •  What counts as “in season” versus “off season”?

Our rental season is May 20th to September 30th.  We are not currently renting outside of that time frame.  

  •  What gear comes with the van?

We have a full list of gear here, as well as specific info about each individual van.  If there’s something that you’re wondering about that you don’t see on the gear list, feel free to ask us about it directly and we may be able to accommodate your needs.

Extras like bike racks, boat racks, kayaks and canoes may be added to your rental for an extra fee, depending on availability.  Contact us directly if you’re interested!

  •  What happens if the van breaks down during my trip?

A roadside assistance service such as AAA is not included in your rental; we encourage you to have it yourself.  Never hesitate to call us if you are experiencing anything unusual on the road or have any questions. We will do our best to talk you through problems or get you to a local garage if necessary. If something happens that results in your trip ending early, we will refund you the remaining days.

  •  What runs on propane and what runs on electricity?

The two burner stove inside the van and the Coleman grill that we provide you both run on propane.  We provide one full tank of propane at the beginning of your rental; any additional propane costs are up to you.

The vans have regular outlets – 120v, just like the ones at home – inside.  They don’t work unless the van is connected to power via an extension cord (which we provide).  Most established campsites have power hookups.

  • Why do I need insurance?

These are vintage, restored vans that are quite rare – and very expensive to repair.  Our basic insurance only covers approximately $16,000. If you damage the van or are in an accident, you are responsible for all costs above what our insurance provider covers.  We will verify your coverage as part of your reservation.

  • What cleaning am I responsible for before I return the van?

Wiping down all surfaces and basic sweeping out of the floor, as well as cleaning all kitchen ware and dishes is expected.  Additional cleaning fees may be charged for excessive messes. Examples might include gum in the upholstery, crumbs in the carpet, etc.  

  •  Why does it take 60-90 minutes to check in?

We want to make sure you are completely prepared and able to be self-sufficient on your adventure!  We will inventory and go over all the gear and systems with you so that you know where they live in the van and how to use them properly.  We will also walk you through the auto specifics like shift pattern, emergency brake location, jack, spare tire mechanics, oil stick, coolant location, and a bit more.  These vans are very different from the typical cars and trucks that most of us drive!

Additionally, we will take a 5 minute drive with you to ensure a smooth ride with the manual shifting and clutching.   

  • Are dogs allowed?

Yes, just let us know ahead of time.  There is an extra fee.

  •  How many people does the van accommodate?

Our policy and insurance covers four passengers.  It is possible that with prior notice and an extra fee, we could allow an additional child.  

  •  Where do I pick-up and drop-off the van?

Standard pick-ups and drop-offs are in either Freeport, ME or Brunswick, ME.  Airport, bus station, or train station pick-ups may be possible with advance notice.

As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any additional questions!  We want you to feel safe and prepared for your trip, and will do all that we can to make it the adventure of your dreams.