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Experiential Nature – The Vision






You may be here because you are different, want a different experience. If you wanted just another van, just an RV, you would have gone to the traditional commercial RV rental sites. You seek a unique, freedom to just be adventure tour. The freedom to go where ever you want, whenever you want in an easy low-key way. You are an adventurer, you are unique, not a tourist. You are looking for that special “Experiential Nature” feeling.

The Westfalia vans are finely German engineered pieces of art; now retro art! To this day, these classic Volkswagen vans are considered one of the premier, best designed, most efficient and convenient modes of adventure traveling, up close and personal. Some have called it the Swiss Army Knife Van. You get a green, high mileage, lower carbon footprint, easy to drive van. It is completely outfitted for you and your friends to just get in and go; beds, stove, refrigerator, sink, water all in the camper-van on four wheels. Each van is refurbished, restored and upgraded and enhanced with better performing items. Some may have been “frame off” rebuilt from the ground up and repowered with FAS Gen engines; (Golf Jetta new engines). The vans are vintage crafted perfection, 25 or more years old classic vehicles highly sought after since they have not been imported into the USA since 1992 (one recently auctioned off for more than $190K; many sell for $60k-$100K fully restored. Tom Hanks loves his van; Grateful Dead’s Jerry Garcia loved his Volkswagen van and his following of Dead Heads seek them out looking to take one to a Dead Head concert).

Other vans are just vans with little distinctive feeling, culture or history. Vanagons offer a unique driving feeling. You are driving right up front looking over the road with a unique steering wheel placement. You vision is unobstructed. They are easy to drive. Vans fit into small spaces which are ideal for remote campsites. These vans have a tight turning radius, are safe and their big open design affords a fantastic view. Kids can sleep or play in the back while you drive to your favorite nature spot. It is easy to just pick up and go to your next stop. They are just plain cool! Check out “The Bus Movie” available on Amazon video.

As we said, you’re here, on our site, because you want to get away, decompress, experience nature differently. You are not a tourist; you are an adventurer. You’re looking for remote areas to bike, hike, walk, fish, raft, canoe, kayak, camp and climb. You want to cook outside around a campfire telling stories. You expect to get recharged by nature away from the constant electronic buzz of work and suburbia. You like nature and raw beauty. Your “music” is the sound of peepers, birds, the wind, the waves. New England, and especially Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont each offer remote adventures. New York and Massachusetts have some of the most beautiful mountains, woods and remote spots with vistas to die for. Rhode Island and Connecticut offer different and awesome ocean and cultural experiences.

You look forward to sitting around the campfire cooking that wonderful tasting dinner followed by s’mores or maybe a glass of wine. The day is warm, you had a wonderful hike, the night air is cool crisp and fresh. You have your oyster not found in suburbia and the city. Your “home” again.

You’re sitting on the rugged Maine coast listening to nature and the sound of the waves crashing. Maybe you are beachside at Hermits Island or sitting on a campsite bluff looking over Cobscook Bay watching the 20 foot tides and whirlpools. You might have stopped at the world-famous Acadia National Park with its miles of carriage road for easy bike tours overlooking coastal vistas. You’re headed to Lubec and the famous Campobella Island (summer home of FDR) and East Quoddy Lighthouse. You’ve gone into the North Woods out of Millinocket into Baxter State Park (100’s of remote spots and camp sites) for a day hike up Mt. Katahdin, the highest peak on the East Coast and the terminus of the Appalachian Trail. (the last 100 mile wilderness of the trail is infamous for hard remoteness). Maybe you even started your climb in the early morning dark hours so you can be at the point the sun first hits our country. You were lucky enough to see a moose, deer, a loon and other wildlife, or a least hear them.

You’ve come to be refreshed, away from crowds and certainly away from being electronically overwhelmed. You’re cell phone doesn’t even come in many parts of the North Woods. There is no internet! You want time alone, with your friends, with spouse and your children without the iPad. You engage, you talk, you socialize with your group. You re-learn how to play creatively with sea shells, sticks, rocks and dirt! You take lots of memory photos. Your children really like making up their own nature games. You enjoy the time of nature at your camp site; animals in their natural wild settings exhilarate you. You may even play a board game with your travel group. Maybe you then decide to pick up and travel to Moosehead Lake, the grandest, largest and wonderful lake in Maine. You see Mt. Kineo and Spenser Mountain painting an awesome vista. (if you can see through the woods; Maine is 90% forested state, the most in the nation). You decide to stay at Lily Bay State Park on the lakeside and bike, hike, fish and kayak. Maybe you decide to hike or mountain bike on the Maine Huts & Trails for the morning and have lunch on the trail.

You traveled further West over to Rangeley, Mooselookmeguntic, Richardson Lake, and the Rapid River. You’re close to New Hampshire. You’re hiking to a remote “lost” pond to quietly fish for native brook trout and salmon. You walk miles along a brook and fish for the famous brook trout. You have the time to decompress, see, hear and observe the natural beauty around you. Maine has the only remaining truly native brook trout. You see them.

Along Route 201 at The Forks, the rivers are pulling you in towards a day of wild river rafting. Maybe you decided to travel further north to the Chain of Ponds for a leisurely week of camping in one place – fishing, hiking and walking the remote tote roads. You might even see a Maine grouse, eagle, hawk and osprey.

You’re adventurous. You decide to travel to New Hampshire just to go to Mt. Washington overlooking the entire valley. You see the famous Tuckerman’s Ravine. People still might be skiing down the headwall. You go to the top of Mt. Washington and hopefully do not experience the coldest temperature ever measured. Or, maybe you want to be there when it is that cold.

In New England, your nature adventure possibilities are endless. (You get a very generous mileage allowance of 1500 mile for the week). The vans lend an intimate, closeness and uniqueness to your experience. Or, you found you’re very own sweet spot and decide to spend the entire week in your one spot, maybe alone with just your travel gang fishing, hiking, canoeing and “just being”. That works well too.

We are proud to share our vintage vans with you and your companions. Enjoy relaxing and making great memories.

PS. We can set you up with a special guided trip for a day with a guide – fly fishing, canoe trip, raft trip, kayaking and many other special one of a kind 1/2 day or day trips too.